Alive Advertising will on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis will send you a report on your campaign.


In this report,  you will receive ‘proof of flight’ images of all your adverts flighting on each screen.


We will supply you with the traffic counts and the amount of spots that you have received


You will also receive a  break down on how much ‘added value’ you have received

The benefits you receive when advertising with us

A spot is the amount of times your advert will flight during the course of a 24 hour period. If you have taken a contract of 480 spots, your advert will flight 480 times minimum.

Because you are “sharing” advertising space, some screens have more advertisers than others and you will receive more spots “based” on this.

This various from month to month but you can be rest assured you will receive at least the amount of spots you have paid for.

During certain times our screens may have additional capacity and we will run your advert on these screens at no extra cost to you.

We do take into consideration what kind of campaign you are running before moving ahead as if you are having an event which is only johannesburg based we won’t flight your advert on screens outside of the relevant area. Also if you are for example promoting a high end brand we will not flight the advert on screens in a low LSM area.