Digital media is unique as it allows for getting a long lasting memorable message to be broadcast to an exceptionally large audience. To make the message as impactful as possible, we suggest following these guidelines when designing your advertisement.

Using the right combination of colours is crucial to improve the visibility of your advert. The more the colours have a strong contrast the better.


Fonts are the cornerstone to any great design. However there is a difference between which fonts are better suited to digital screens as opposed to print. Fonts for digital screens need to be big, bold and clear.

Fonts that are bolder is preferred but a font that is ultra bold and the spacing between the text (kerning) is too close can be hard to read from a distance.

Decorative fonts are best avoided as they are difficult to read in general unless you are up close. Best reserved for use in print only.

Script fonts like decorative fonts are best avoided on digital screens as they are heard to read and you want to grab your audiences attention immediately.

Fonts that are too thin should never be used. The minimum thickness of a font should be set to ‘regular’ at the very least but bold is preferable.

Serif fonts are perfectly designed for easy reading on small text but not ideal for digital media. They can be used if they are made bolder but best avoided if possible.

Keep it simple

The advantage of digital media is you can have multiple “slides” and show various different messages. Adverts can be static or animated but the core design and message should be clear and simple.

This advert is not an ideal advert for a digital advert. The text is too small, close together, and hard to read. There is no real “focal” point and therefore the audience will not know what message they are supposed to be focusing on.

By removing the small text, enlarging the headline, improving the text spacing and changing the colour of the price it automatically improves the design. The audience can see what the product is, what it offers and how much it costs. The important message has been conveyed.

Final Points

  • Avoid using full white backgrounds. It can look harsh on digital screens and can be very bright during night time.
  • Animation should be used as a tool to enhance your adverts message and not distract from it.
  • Keep in mind the advert needs to be visible from a distance for maximum exposure.
  • Make your advert design simple but engaging